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The long road to progress

This was a historic week for the United States: while a far cry from his original climate action plan, President Biden signed into law the most ambitious climate investment in the United States' - and the world's - history. While lacking some key components and in some places even expanding the use of fossil fuels, the United States government will provide dozens of billions of dollars to renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, enviromental justice and agricultural reform. It is far from enough, but it is definitely a major step in the right direction.

Another major step was taken in a very different setting: on Sunday, the Israeli-Democratic Alliance and the Progressive Zionists of California cunducted a panel on Domestic & Sexual violence: solutions from Israel and the United States. Gender-based violence can strike everyone, everywhere, and Covid-19 only made things worse.

While a small step for justice, the panel itself - multinational, multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious - is a major step to foster Israeli-Democratic relations. The gathering of experts from Israel, California and Vermont to share thier experiences, knowledge and ideas would not only make both societies better, but would strengthen our mutual commitment to gender equality.

We want to thank Yael Sherer, Founder and Director of the Lobby Against Sexual Violence; Naomi Tucker, Founding Executive Director of Shalom Bayit; Anila Ali, Chair and President, American Muslim and Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council; and Mira Vance, Student and Co-Chair of MiddSafe, a peer-run survivor advocacy hotline, for contributing from their time and expertise, as well as to Kiyomi Kowalski, PZC Board Member and Co-Founder of Jewbian Princes for coordinating and moderating the panel. We look forward to further cooperation with these organisations and between them, as part of our effort for better, freer, and more just societies.


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