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The Israeli-Democratic Alliance: Why Are We Here

Liberal values are under attack in both Israel and America, and yet - we are drifting apart.

We are working to change that: we build and lead a thriving community of passionate liberal agents of change, uniting American and Israeli activists and NGOs on the basis of mutual liberal ideals.

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Our Vision

A community of U.S. and Israeli changemakers, based on our mutual liberal values and committed to promoting mutual liberal agendas.

Our Mission

Helping liberal changemakers in Israel and the U.S. to work together, in the shared fight for our liberal democratic future.

This is not Hasbara, not "Israel besides the conflict" and not "Greenwashing" or "Pinkwashing". This is an alliance of liberals and progressives, committed to shared values like diversity and justice, working together to lead "Tikun Olam" on five key issues: Climate Action, Mental Health, Gender Equality, Religious Freedom, and LGBTQ+ Rights. We do not ignore the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict but encourage a deep, critical, and inclusive debate regarding it, as well as regarding the way to solve it.





Our programs are varied, as we are:

  • The leading NGO in Israel working to educate Israelis about the American society and the importance, nature, and future of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

  • Presenting an innovative liberal vision for Israel in the U.S., grounded in the principles of Liberal Zionism and Pride and Progress.

  • Educating pro-Israel advocates with knowledge, tools and perception to make the case for Israel in a way that appeals to liberals and progressives - in fact, we teach Speaking Liberal.

  • Bridging between liberal and progressive activists to exchange ideas and best-practices on mutual liberal struggles, grounded in the principle of Better, Together.

  • Working vis-à-vis the government and parliament, promoting a U.S.-Israel relationship that is committed to liberal agendas.

צילום מסך 2023-03-21 152500.png

Our Principles

Liberal Zionism: Israel as the safe, prosperous, democratic, nation-state of the Jewish people, and respecting and supporting Palestinian's rights to live at freedom, dignity, and peace.

Pride and Progress: we are proud of Israel's achievements, while working to make Israel and the United States better, freer, and more just societies.

Dignity and Inclusiveness: engaging respectfully with allies and rivals alike, and creating a "big tent" while maintaining a strict code of conduct.

Complexity: telling the story of Israel with its nuances, complications and imperfections, while not avoiding critical debate about Israel.

Relevance: focusing on the day-to-day challenges and agendas that affect all of our lives, both Israeli and American.

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