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Violence knows no boundaries - and it hurst everyone

Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence are pandemics, plain and simple: they are more widespread than we want to believe; they can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime; and they can be deadly. Two and a half years of Covid only made things worse.

For a long time, we at the Israeli-Democratic Alliance were discussing with our allies in the Progressive Zionists of California (PZC) on how to address this crucial issue, and after months of preparation we're proud and thrilled to announce that on August 14th we will hold a panel featuring some the leading experts in Israel and the United States, to discuss ideas and practices to fight for our most basic of rights: the right for safety.

Our main speaker Yael Sherer, Founder and Director of the Lobby Against Sexual Violence; panelists Naomi Tucker, the Executive Director of Shalom Bait; Anila Ali, the President of American Muslim and Multifaith Women's Empowerment Council; and Mira Vance, Student and Co-Chair of MiddSafe, a peer run survivor advocacy hotline, are all experts in their fields. Together with moderator Kiyomi Kowalski, member of the PZC Board of Directors and Co-Founder of Jewbian Princess, we will describe the challenges, including the differences and similarities between Israel and the United States, and exchange ideas and practices.

A society that fails to protect the very safety of people, and particularly women, is failing at achieving justice. It is our responsibility, as Americans and Israelis committed to gender equality, to fight for a change. And we are stronger when we are together.

Link for registration:

Cosponsored By: Shalom Bayit, AMMWEC, Jewbian Princess and the Lobby Against Sexual Violence


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