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Pride and Progress

Israel is a nation in conflict - but it is so much more than just that.

In this conversation (not a lecture!), we'll talk about the story less-told about Israel: not only the emancipation of the LGBTQ+ community but the grassroots movements defending democracy and the rule of law; not only becoming a climate power but the ongoing struggle for an Israeli-Palestinian peace. 

In this conversation, we will claim that progressive values like justice and diversity are not opposed to supporting Israel, the contrary - supporting Israel is helping her become a better society.

You'll get the chance not just to hear about Israel's progress, but to ask the tough questions about the road that's still ahead, and what we - liberals and progressives in both countries - can do to persure that road, towards a better, freer and more just Israel.

הפגנה בבלפור.jpg

"That is the way to talk about Israel. The Pride and Progress conversation provides an answer to the question of can you be a progressive and a Zionist, and the answer is yes."

A U.S. participant in a The Story of Liberal Israel conversation

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