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Public Diplomacy Mission, part 1

Half of the public diplomacy mission is behind. Four days in Washington DC, NYC, and Boston, during which we did one thing: presented and promoted a liberal Israeli story as part of building and expanding Israel's alliance with liberals in America.

Here are a handful of our successes:

1. Over two dozen meetings in Congress with elected officials and staffers from 13 states.

2. Speaking at a hostage-release rally, urging everyone who believes in justice to stand up against the injustice the hostages are enduring.

3. Meeting with the Israeli consulate in New York to discuss how we can engage with young progressives who are, sometimes understandably, frustrated with Israel.

4. Engaging with over forty students from NYU, Harvard, and Northeastern, presenting a liberal vision for Israel even and especially during the tragic war in Gaza.

5. Meeting with the wonderful Jewish community of Brookline, MA, to expand the alliance with like-minded liberals in America—an essential step in combating antisemitism and hate in our communities.

6. Speaking with five journalists from Israel and the U.S., presenting our vision and strategy for rebuilding Israel's alliance with liberal America.

These have been extremely busy days. Next stop - the West Coast!

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