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Public Diplomacy Mission, part 2

The second half of a public diplomacy mission is behind us. While last time we focused on the Northeast, this one was centered on the Sun Belt, with visits to the largest states in the union: California and Texas. In less than a week, we covered San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Houston. Here are just a few highlights of what we've accomplished:

Presented a liberal Israeli narrative, Pride and Progress, to students in Berkeley—one of the most critical universities in America—and at the University of Houston.

Conducted a "How to Speak Liberal" workshop for activists and leaders from the Israeli-American Council.

Met with our friends and allies from the Progressive Zionists of California and the Jewish Democratic Club of Silicon Valley.

Held a geopolitical analysis discussion with the Jewish community in Los Angeles, with the assistance of Democrats for Israel-LA, and with the Jewish community in Houston.

In a few hours, we'll have the final stop for this visit: a Pride and Progress conversation with the Hillel in Houston!

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