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Three things to know about the conflict in Gaza

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

I didn't want to write this post. I wanted to write about our American-Israeli panel on fighting domestic & sexual violence, which will take place next week (8/14, 10 AM CT). Unfortunately, after a few days of threats, we were drawn into yet another round of escalation. We wish it will end quickly, with minimum casualties - and there are a few things we must say:

One, and most importantly, every innocent life lost is a tragedy, and we mourn them all. The IDF is doing everything in its capabilities - relying on intelligence, adhering to international law, using precise munitions, etc. - to minimize civilian casualties. When militias like the Islamic Jihad are operating from deep within the civilian population, they cynically use the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as human shields - which is a war crime.

Two, is that we must separate capabilities and intentions: yes, Israel is much more powerful than any militia in Gaza, both in terms of offense and defense (and see the next paragraph, on Iron Dome). But strong doesn't always mean wrong: when it comes to intentions, it is very clear who is wrong - the Islamic Jihad is firing indiscriminately at Israeli civilians while hiding in schools and mosques, and Israel is targeting only the Islamic Jihad, not even Hamas who is ruling the Gaza strip (and most definitely does not target civilians).

And three, Iron Dome saves lives, literally. When it intercepts rockets fired at Israeli civilians, it protects Jews and Arabs alike - and by doing that, it also enables the government to manage the fight with minimum public pressure. This enables the IDF to be as measured and as restrained as possible, so in fact - Iron Dome saves Palestinian lives too.

War is hell, for everyone. May peace prevail.


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