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Israel may become a Republican state (by Michal Porat)

The danger of an “all-right" government: every vote for Netanyahu, Smotritz/Ben Gvir or anyone from this bloc who announced that he would go with Netanyahu advances us another step towards turning Israel into Texas.

(Israelis march for LGBTQ+ rights)

Focusing on false complaints instead of sexual harassment and pushing back the fight against violence against women is just the beginning. Why not promote laws that prohibit abortion? Why not cancel the even-so-fragile rights of LGBTQ+ community?

I hear many people around me talking about voting for Ben Gabir and Smotritz because “they are the only ones who will keep us safe”. In my opinion, these are two pyromaniacs who will bring us to another war faster than a real solution. Ben Gvir talks enthusiastically about handing out weapons to civilians. That’s Texas, folks. What will further degenerate our fractured country into total chaos than allowing every citizen to bear arms? Weapons in the hands of every citizen will lead to people being murdered here (too easily) because of parking disputes, bypassing a queue at the supermarket and simply because they are women in a violent relationship. Sounds like a horror script, right?

(Israeli women protest against the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade)

And now seriously: I wholeheartedly believe that a vote for Smotritz and Ben-Gvir is a vote against women, LGBTQ+ people and secularists. If you or someone around you belongs to one of these groups, take this into account.

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