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Every decent human needs to be grateful for Iron Dome

The Iron Dome system is saving countless lives and preventing untold amounts of damage. Without this technology, the death toll and destruction caused by the indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israel would be much higher, leading to longer and deadlier rounds of escalations.

Iron Dome system is saving countless lives (Source: BBC)

We Israelis need to remember that Israel did not develop the Iron Dome on its own. The United States has been a key partner in funding this technology, providing billions of dollars in assistance over the years. In fact, it was American investment, made by the Obama administration, that made the development of the Iron Dome possible in the first place.

As Israelis, we should be grateful to the United States for its support. Without this funding, we would not have this crucial defense system in place. It saves Israelis - Jews and Arabs alike - as well as Palestinians, as it enables the Israeli government to act with caution, without the public pressure to use more power.

Iron Dome saves Israelis - Jews and Arabs alike - as well as Palestinians. (Source: IDF).

The Iron Dome has proven to be a critical tool in keeping us safe, and it is important that we do not take this for granted. We must continue to invest in our relations with the United States to ensure that her support remains firm and ironclad.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the Iron Dome is merely the first step. Ultimately, the only way to achieve lasting peace in the region is through diplomacy and dialogue. We must continue to work towards a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict, without compromising on our self-defense.

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